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Gas Ranges 

A gas range is often the best choice for people who love to cook. The even and infinitely adjustable heat is perfect for everything from searing the perfect steak to making candy. So what happens when your loyal gas range finally gives up? Thats where RangeStoreOutlet comes in.

What is RangeStoreOutlet?

RangeStoreOutlet is a company that provides refurbished, gently used, and scratched or dented ranges from premium brands like Viking, Bluestar, Kucht and American Range, for discounted and closeout prices. These are the same elite gas ranges that you will find on store shelves, with the same fantastic quality and performance, for a much lower price.

Wait, scratched or dented?

Yes, some of the listings we have available suffered from minor aesthetic damage before or after being crated, so they are being offered at a discounted price. You will never be surprised by any scratches or dents though, since every little ding is documented and photos are available upon request.

I dont see what Im looking for on your site.

Not to worry! Our listings are constantly updated, so if you dont see what youre looking for today, check back in a day or two and see what new gas ranges we might have to offer.
If youre looking for a replacement gas range, or a new one to upgrade your kitchen, keep RangeStoreOutlet in mind!

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