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Electric Ranges 

If youre looking for a quick and easy to use cooking appliance, nothing beats the convenience of an electric range. If your trusty range has given up, or youre just looking to upgrade your current kitchen, then youve come to the right place. RangeStoreOutlet is the place for you.

What is RangeStoreOutlet?

RangeStoreOutlet is a fantastic site that provides refurbished, scratched, and/or dented ranges at unbeatable closeout prices. Here, youll find electric ranges from top of the line brands like Viking, Bluestar, and American Range, for amazingly low prices.

Why would I want to buy something scratched or dented?

Why wouldnt you want to buy something scratched or dented? Youre getting the same performance and reliability of the new brand name ranges, for a fraction of the cost. Its a great option if youre working on a budget!

What if I cant find what Im looking for?

If you dont see what you were looking for today, check back in a day or two. Our listings are constantly updated with new fabulous products.

How bad are the dents?

This will vary from product to product, but all of the dents and scratches are documented. If youve found an electric range that you like, contact us and wed be more than happy to send you pictures of any scratches or dings.

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